Bowmore 1968 32OB 45.5%

Bowmore 1968 OB 32years 45.5% 1860 bottles selected by Brian Morrison to celebtate the 50th Anniversary of the Stanley P. Morrison Co. Deep orange amber color, the nose is very fruity with apples and oranges and hints of sea air, the palate is big, mouth coating with more fruit, black pepper and notes of mildewed gym socks, which I often detect in Bowmores over 30. Peat begins to emerge then lingers on the finish with more notes of oranges. Extremely vibrant for a 32 year old whisky! Wonderful!


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Dark amber with orange hues.

Nectarines, vanilla, honey, persimmons, cinnamon, tangerines, with hints of varnish, or perhaps orange pledge.

Oak emerges on subsequent tastes, along with mulling spices, followed by a lovely finish with orange liqueur.

Full bodied , vibrant & very warming.  An enjoyable autumn dram!